Pregnant and going for interview

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i have a job interview soon. Should i tell the interviewer or should i not?

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Yes just tell them.

i got a job. and realise i preg my no. 2.. b4 i sign the contract. i open w them... they end up dun wan me. lol... but i uds oso. coz they hire me to take over some job from the other preggy.. and end up i oso preggy. cannot ma. so be open w them.. i since then no work till now. haha

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I don't believe it should matter whether you're pregnant or not - you should be hired because of your skills and capabilities. So yes, tell them out of courtesy - but no, you shouldn't feel obligated to tell them you're pregnant

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u shld tell them babe

Yes must tell

you have to tell them.

Yes you should. At least you come clean with them on your pregnancy. Least that you inform them at a later stage, they will say that you lied to them aboutit.

4y ago

i agree.. better to be honest than tell lie.. end up more problem..

yes, you have to in case of further problems.

Yes you should. You don't want to end up wastng your time. Once you get the job and tummy grows bigger by then they may not want you and you will need to look for another job again.

Yes u need to tell them upfront. To be fair to both sides and also for them to make the necessary work arrangements if u are recruited for the job. :)