Pregnant and going for interview

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i have a job interview soon. Should i tell the interviewer or should i not?

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I will tell the company that I'm pregnant if they offer me the job. I feel that I should be given equal opportunities for consideration as others, based on my experience and capabilities. Ultimately, they still have the final decision on whether they wan to proceed to hire me. Speaking from my own personal experience, I went for an interview in Oct, they offer me the job in Nov and I signed the offer letter in the same month. Dec I found out that I'm pregnant. On my first day of job in Jan, I told the boss that I'm pregnant. He just asked me one question. Do I plan to continue working after giving birth? I said yes and they gave me the full 4 months of maternity leave and I am with the company for 8 years now, been given opportunities to rise up the corporate ladder all these years. I could only say that I have met a good boss and I'm in a good company.

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