Pregnant and going for interview

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i have a job interview soon. Should i tell the interviewer or should i not?

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Absolutely you should. Perhaps this would not be the best time to be starting a new job though. If u are already in a job, maybe stick on to your current job first?

I also wanted to leave my current job for another job but i found out i am pregnant so i decided to stay put. Hang in there if u are still employed..cheers!

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Yes you should. At least you come clean with them on your pregnancy. Least that you inform them at a later stage, they will say that you lied to them aboutit.

7y ago

i agree.. better to be honest than tell lie.. end up more problem..

Yes u need to tell them upfront. To be fair to both sides and also for them to make the necessary work arrangements if u are recruited for the job. :)

I wouldn't and didn't. I was hired at 15 weeks pregnant and then went on leave. It is not required of you to disclose and illegal for them to ask

Must tell. I tell when I preg no 2. They will open to you whether they want you or don't. I end up didn't take the new job and stay on the job

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yes, you should definitely tell them. don't wait for them to find out only after they send you for the pre-employment checkup.

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Yes have to inform them... coz sooner or later also they will know. But prepare yourself incase you get rejected.

Yes you should. Some employers (especially in MNC) might not mind but of cos not for all. I am HR person myself.

Definitely. Else they may have a bad impression on you. Unless you are not looking for a long term job.