Hi mummies, does anyone know if preggy can take flight or even US? Am currently at 28 weeks, but am thinking if i can fly at around 32-33 weeks?

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Wow if i am not wrong most airlines will not allow you to fly after 32 weeks and if you fly you need to have a letter from doc to prove you are fit for flying. Anyway try not to fly around too much in the last few moths. Is it because of work? My girlfriend flew back to singapore from US when she was 32weeks coz she ran into visa issues . So I think should be able to fly at 32-33 but with doc letter and unless necessary

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Yes, you can travel by air if you are having a well uncomplicated singleton pregnancy at 32 weeks. Do seek your obstetrician's opinion for air travel & issue you fit for air-travel certificate.

Most airlines will restrict flying for pregnant mums above 28 weeks unless you get clearance from your gynae. But it also depends on the airlines as final discretion is theirs. You will definitely have to ask your gynae to provide you with a "fit to travel" letter, but best to also check with the airline first, as you will be quite close to your EDD, so some airlines may not allow you to fly at all.

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Hi there! I asked my gynae before going on my babymoon at 27-28weeks. She said it’s ok to fly short distance, but maybe not so for Long haul flights. During flight also must make sure to move around (or at least move your legs abit) to keep blood circulation well.

Hi! It's best to check with your gynae as it depends on your condition and the baby's. My gynae allowed me to travel all the way up to 36 weeks. Also, check out the airline policy for pregnant women. Some airlines require letter from doc, some require more stuff.

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US is a long flight. I went when i was 20 wks - direct flight 15-17 hrs. Rmb to check and get clearance from yr gynae. Keep walking on the flight, keep yourself hydrated, wear compression socks & dress comfortably

Pregnant women expecting multiples can fly during weeks 28–31 of the pregnancy with a doctor's letter stating they are fit to fly. After that, they are no longer allowed to fly even with medical clearance.

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If you fly now, it's possible. but once you hit 32weeks. they might not even let you board. Best to seek your gynae advise, ask for a letter and check with their airlines for the rules and regulation


Although it's fine, it is always best to consult your doctor. As it's a long haul flight, there are certain concerns like deep vein thrombosis that you need to avoid.

Yes you still can, but if you go to around 35 weeks you need a letter from your doctor stating that you are fit to fly.