Can you have a bump at 14 weeks of pregnancy?

Hi Mummies, These days I keep looking myself at mirror thinking if I am showing or if I am just getting fat! When do you actually start seeing baby bump? I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and I am just so confused and worried that if I am not showing, is my baby okay ? Any mummies to share their experiences please?

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Is this your first child? My bump only appeared at around 18 weeks, and now he’s in the 70th percentile at 33 weeks with my bump growing super fast. So don’t be too worried abt bump appearance and size, as long as you’re keeping strictly to your gynae’s advice and eating healthy, you & your baby should be fine.

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FTM here too and didn’t really have a bump till 19-20 weeks. Was also paranoid why I had no noticeable bump but as long as you attend all your regular checkups and gynae says that all is well with baby’s growth, no reason to worry! Currently 27 weeks and have an unmistakable bump now, especially after food 😂

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Hi! I only know i was pregnant at 14 weeks!!! Not much of a bump tho.. but mostly around 16weeks then! But slowly when u get constipation and need to pee every single time, u will feel that cute bump!! U can slowly feel their heartbeat! ❤️❤️❤️

2mo ago

Exactly like me!! U get confused whether its pregnancy issue or its just you.. but not to worry! I feel fat and the people surround me do say the same! They even say i dnt look pregnant at 14weeks but FAT..😂😂😂 but now im 24 weeks baby bump is THERE!!!! Constipation, usually i just drink lots of yogurt since i dnt drink prune juice.. or even yakult! It helps tho! But at the same time drink LOTS OF WATER!!! Slowybu also will feel heartburn.. but its normal! Dnt panic!! ❤️❤️


Every mom-to-be will start showing at different times, depending on your own body and baby’s growth. I started showing a little at week 12. Week 13 now, and definitely cannot get away with wearing my fitted dresses now. Cannot suck in! 😂

I had bumps 8 weeks pregnant lol. It all depends on your body and builds as well, how toned you are etc. not showing doesn’t necessarily a bad thing!

First pregnancy bump wont show early. Some will have visible bump at the end of second trimester. Im 16 weeks now but just feel fat.

2mo ago

i had my bby bump at 6mths hahaha

depends on individual.. I'm a ftm but I have a small bump by week 14 and felt baby's movement as earlier as week 10 or so..

2mo ago

Thank you

I read if ur abs muscles are strong it shows later too haha

I didn't really have a bump until 20 weeks .. ftm here. :)