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hi can I check if it is safe to fly on economy on a long flight at 26 weeks pregnant ? if yes are there any precaution I have to take ? thanks

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Some pregnant women may experience discomfort during flying. You may have: • swelling of your legs due to fluid retention (oedema) • nasal congestion/problems with your ears – during pregnancy you are more likely to have a blocked nose and the changes in air pressure in the plane can also cause youto experience problems in your ears • pregnancy sickness – if you experience motion sickness during the flight, it can make your sickness worse. . deep vein thrombosis (DVT) - pregnant women have greater risk of DVT, which is a a blood clot that forms in your leg or pelvis. Make sure you keep moving and stretching your legs and drink plenty of water.

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There is an increased risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) while flying, due to sitting for a prolonged length of time. A DVT is a blood clot that forms in your leg or pelvis. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing a DVT and the risk of a DVT increases with the length of the flight. To minimise the risk of a DVT: 1. wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes 2. take regular walks around the plane 3. Do regular stretches 4. Drink water at regular intervals 5. cut down on drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine (coffee, fizzy drinks) 6. wear graduated elastic compression stockings

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I flew on SIA economy class to Seoul when I was 21 wks pregnant. I checked with my gynae and she just told me to make sure we know the nearest hospital to our accommodation in case of emergency. I took the aisle seat because of how frequent I need to visit the toilet. If you have cramps you can walk along the aisle. Other than that, the flight went smoothly. goodluck!

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I flew to Japan when I was 27weeks pregnant for work. Need doctor memo letter to state you are fit to fly. You only cannot fly on your 9th month pregnancy. Do let the staff know that u are pregnant in case your tummy is too small for ppl to notice.. you shall get priority for entering the flight first and getting special attention or help in the plane.

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nalulungkot ako kc gusto ko s lying in nlng ako para mas malapit kpg nanganak kaso ung lying-in ayaw skin becoz meron ako previous C.s record kasi breech anak ko nun khit 12 yrs n nakalipas Hospital pdin daw ako khit ok pa position ng pangalawa ko ngaun. Gusto ko kc Normal delivery n sana.. kaya no choice ako kundi magpa record ulit s Hospital😔🙏🏼

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Better to check with your gynae. I think your back might feel painful after the long flight. I feel uncomfortable when I am taking a plane even when I am not pregnant. I think it depends on you as well. Whether you think you will feel comfortable sitting in the plane for so long with space restrictions.

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Check with your gynae he/she would be the best person to advise you to give you a fit to fly clearance. Just that I feel it might be a little uncomfortable as the flight is long, do remember to walk around a little and keep hydrated!

I flew around that week for 17 hr flight. Pls get clearance from ur gynae, check airline requirements. On the flight hydrate urself, keep walking along the aisle, wear compression socks and do simple stretching exercises.

Pregnant women expecting multiples can fly during weeks 28–31 of the pregnancy with a doctor's letter stating they are fit to fly. After that, they are no longer allowed to fly even with medical clearance.

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Yes it's OK but still better to get advice from your gynae as he or she will know of your health conditions etc.