I am currently pregnant at age 38. Have just done the first trimester test. I was told that I have a high risk ratio with a reverse ductus venosus flow? Anyone encounter this and gone for further check such as amniocentesis test?

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Hope things get better for you soon. Hugs dear! Will keep you and your family in prayers. Stay strong.

Sorry to hear about this. Some would go to a amniocentesis test to find the exact answer as it's the most accurate. Oscar test are usually not 100% accurate. Please seek an second opinion on this issue too.

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Same here im 38 n they say im at high risk and i cant do nipt had to do amino test

5mo ago

Hi! Did u went to do amnio? If yes, can u share ur story? Im about to do amnio next week & Im so scare & worry for my baby . ๐Ÿ˜ญ