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Hi parents! Does any of you have gone for the Down syndrome test before during your first trimester? I went for my test just a few weeks ago. I am currently at my 14 weeks now. I was shocked that the bill accumulated to almost $600+. When I went for my firstborn, it wasn't this expensive. Most probably, this happened 6 years ago. And I also just gave birth not long ago to my second, early last year, and I don't remember doing a Down syndrome test this early. It was already at my second trimester when i was told to go for the test or so? I don't remember. But what i do remember is that I don't pay that much for it? Is this the normal rate for Down syndrome, now?

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For my firstborn on 30 Mar 2020 at KKH (subsidised), I was 12w 3d and it cost me $285.50. My current pregnancy on 18 Jan 2022 at 10w 5d, I gave 5 tubes of blood, urine sample due to protein in urine and a scan. Also made 1/2 payment for FTS which cost me $445.82 in total after subsidy. On 3 Feb 2022, i was 13w 2d, I went for my FTS Down syndrome test and made the balance payment so total was $86.50. I had complication post-delivery for my firstborn so maybe that’s why it’s more costly this time round to do the DS test.

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Where did you go for your test? It wasn’t so expensive for me. Unless you opted for options that don’t qualify for subsidies eg, NIPT Down syndrome test is done during the end of first trimester (weeks 11-14) so it’s definitely not early. Your previous one was probably a bit late testing.

I did a DS test when i was preg last year, amounted to about $550ish, but also includes the fetal assessment in week 20. (Fees were collected for both DS FA) Was with TMC. So i guess the rate is about there now.. And yes it is supposed to be done in the first trimester!!

I now currently at my 26weeks pregnancy.. i have gone thru the down syndrome test during my 12 week, and i have taken igene test with cost of $900 , and yes it way too expensive also with everything costly of $1k plus..

I did NIPT last year jan which was a comprehensive one amounting to $1750 before gst. I thought down syndrome tests are done around this wk 11-14 or smth?

I just did my FTS at KKH as a private patient at week 10, it cos me abt $38x.xx, paid half of it and another half during the next ultrasound scan.

I think cost depends on type of test and clinic? I have OSCAR test in few days at 12+ weeks and its costing me around 300$.

i did the NIPT at mount e novena bout 1k ish

i did last mth nipt was $1k