Oscar Test Result - High Risk for Down Syndrome

I took my Oscar Test at KKH today and was told that I am carrying a high risk Trisomy 21 baby, ratio 1:2. I have also been told that the fetus is showing possible deformity for club feet. I have a elder child, daughter who is now 3yo. We've been trying for our second for 2 years and finally conceived and am presently at 13 weeks. I am trying very hard to be calm and rational, and would like to get as much inputs and advice as possible. Has anyone gotten any similar Trisomy ratio result or any advice and experience to share? I am inclined to proceed with the next test (CVS or Amnio). Please share with me your thoughts. ??

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I am going for my Amnio test tomorrow at Thomson. My NT scan shows that I am at high risk too. Nervous, but believing that everything will be alright! Praying for you.

Have you done a NIPT? I got the same results from kkh. I went on to Thomson medical to do NIPT. And results just came in low risk. Pls do not loose hope.

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Congrats on trying again. Baby will be fine and healthy. ❤️

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Proceed for the next test babe. And also have a discussion if you and your husband would like to keep the baby if there is really down syndrome.

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If you want the baby regardless of the test results, you need not test further.

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U can test further if you think you want to find out more before deciding

Stay calm until the next test. Amnio would be diagnostic

I wish there were positive results..