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Hello all, my Down syndrome test result ratio came out to be 1:287 and was told it was slightly high risk. The low risk ratio is 1:300. I was advised to go for further tests like NIPT which costs $375+ and honestly, I cannot afford it at a time like this. I’m not really worried, but I’m worried. ? I just want to know if it’s going to be ok if I forego the tests because the lady over the phone said I might just happen to carry the hormones at the time of drawing blood and may not harm the baby at all. But just to have a peace of mind, she recommended that I go for further checks in case I might have any other chromosomal abnormalities. Which I’m not interested because it’s expensive. Did any of you with high risk ratio forego further testing?

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My doctor proposed too for the down syndrome test , and DNA test . But i forego because from my point of view , i do not want to get worried/stress unnecesarily since its my first pregnancy, which is not good too and might lead to other possible complications if we get too stressed on the result. And then i waited for my first few ultrasound , to see if there is anything wrong with my baby. Just my opinion and what i went thru up till today , 2 days until my due. All is well . Hope everything goes smoothly for you , and baby is healthy ❤

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If you will keep the baby regardless of the result of Down syndrome test, skip the test. If you are making decision based on result of the Down syndrome test, then test it. That’s what my gynae advise I have friends that don’t even bother taking such test cos they are gg to keep the baby no matter what.

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If u are ok with the result then should be ok.. If u keep on worried regards of the abnormalities then go for futher checkups and test.

If regardless of the result you will continue your pregnancy, not necessary to do it.

Follow your guts. We never did those test as we dont have plans to abort .

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I took fts and harmony test.