Has anyone done Amniocentesis test in Singapore?

Has anyone done Amniocentesis test in Singapore? I would like to know how higher is the risk of miscarriage with this test. How much it cost in Singapore. Appreciate if anyone can share the experience.

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I did with my first baby. Done in KKH by Dr Edwin Thia. It was quick and everything went well. <$1k (couldn't remember the exact figure). There is always a risk of miscarriage, getting an experienced doctor is important.

will KKH call no matter is good or bad news? i read up many forums, if bad news they will call good news they will not call. we will hv a copy of the test result?

Im going to take anninocentus test too at kkh soon.

Hi im going to take it soon.not sure abt ut either

2y ago

At kkh its $450 medisave and $150 cash for this test

Super Mum

Cost are $800. Try to avoid if possible.

1y ago

Hi! May I know if $800 is after all subsidy? Do you know what’s the cost for private patients? Thank u

Super Mum

The risk of miscarriage is 0.5%