Do you use baby walker for your baby and Why yes and why no ?

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I do not use baby walker for baby as I have read that it may be dangerous for a baby. I don't like that with a walker the baby has extra speed. It is a fast way to get them into accidents I feel. Walkers are a hazard in my opinion. Plus research has shown that a walker does not help babies to learn how to walk. A baby will need to go through the normal milestones of rolling,sitting and crawling in order to learn how to walk. However I do put my baby in an exersaucer. It is much safer and gives them extra activities to do while being constrained in a safe place. Heights can be adjusted as well. I don't use a jumperoo and I believe babies may hurt their spine if they jump too hard in a jumperoo too.

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I do use a walker. But i don't place my baby there for hours. Only when i needed that little help from the walker to care for my child while i cook or do something. Other then that, i will place baby on a floor mat for him to crawl or scoot. Prolong sitting in walker isn't good as it hinders with the development for walking. Baby will just mainly their body for strength to push around.

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Yes. I have read of many articles saying its not advisable. Then again, so many have used it and everything turned fine. As long as under supervision and not for long period of time. Well for some of us we have no help 24 hours a day. How else can we do household chores. So i have a baby walker, high chair and bumbo chair.

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Cannot use. According to doctors & physiotherapists (baby had appointment wif physio bcos of his imbalance toes), they say dun use. When baby sits on it, they will tend to tiptoe to move themselves around instead of putting their feet flat to learn to walk, which is not gd for e development of e legs.

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I have a push walker and a traditonal Walker When bb is talk enough n when they can stand properly already, they won't tiptoe. They only do that when they are not tall enough for the walker. I feel traditional walker is safer than push walker for baby

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oh ok thanks for sharing

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