understand that baby is not stable still reach 3 months, miscarriage % is high during first trisemester. need to advice on what are the dos and donts during these periods ? Thanks.

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hello dear. makesure you take pregnancy supplement such as Folic Acid 500mg btwn the first three months in order to help developing ur baby. Do : -eat good healthy food. (no raw meat) -less sugar intake on ur daily basis -less taking processed food (sausage,nugget s and etc) - eat fruits that contain a lot of vitamin A,B,E -taking supplement (Folic Acid, Blackmores,Ganilia-pls talk to ur doctor on this matter) - have good sleep / makesure u resting well -drink more plain water The don't : - lifting a heavy things such as furniture -dont eat too much sour foods or drinks (u can ask ur doctor for advice on this matter) -dont eat sushi take care of yourself ok ☺

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