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My baby is 1 week old, boy. Jaundice reading is high day by day. Even after admitted and discharge from hospital, d reading now is 301. I do not wish to admit again. I need advice on what to do other than keep on bf baby to reduce d reading.. tyia.. -worried mama?

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Bf jee. Make sure baby kerap berak jugak. Lagi byk berak lagi cepat turun kuning. My pead advice kalau nak jemur boleh tapi ensure only morning sunlight between 8-8.30am. Vitamin is still good within that period. Jgn jemur lama², around 5-7 mins per day cukup. Anyway, bf is the best solution ever

Make sure baby is fed, so he poops a lot. Maybe can use formula milk.. Let his daddy bond with baby, let him do a feeding while you rest. No need to pressure so much on bf for now. Main thing is to let baby poop! Please take care of yourself ya..Praying for speedy recovery for both of u❤


just listen to doc.... im know u stress now but the important is ur bby... just do what doc said. i hv experienced on this till my end of maternity ... ulang alik hospital 2 or 3 times a week.. be patient ok.. no stress. just think bout ur bby .will pray for u.

Bf is important, keep breastfeeding.. or u also can use fm to toupup.. every 3 hours make sure your baby drinks either bf or fm. Set mind, everytime baby poop or wee wee, its a good sign.. mummy need rest too.. InsyaAllah everything going to be okay, dont worry mummy..

Dear mommy try bagi susu fm novalac gold or s26. Susu u kalau kurang susah sikit nk bg kuning baby turun. Kite bagi die susu fm sbb nk buang kuning die melalui pembuangan die. Keep trying sis. I pun tinggi jugak ritu. Siap naik ambulance ke spital.

Anak sy kuning 2mgu mcmtu, selain bf ikhtiar lain sy bg mnum air perahan sengkuang cina n mandikn dgn air rebusan daun kucai. Alhamdulillah baby poop ok n bacaan turun. Air perahan sengkuang cina tu jgn byk2, ckup sekadar baby telan n poop je.

Keep breastfeed. My baby was prolonged jaundice until day 27. The doctor and nurses keep advising the same advice to continue bf. Breast milk is easy to digest.

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Ya but i think if top up with fm maybe can avoid prolonged jaundice. Bm+fm = more poop, faster recovery for baby

my son 1st reading 23..kena admit 2hari buat phototherapy.. lepas keluar almost 2weeks jgk nak turun ke bacaan 5..teruskan breastfeed je

kerapkan bf..penting utk reduce jaundice..tak ada cara lain..jangan jemur bayi

x cra lain selain bf. kerapkn pnyusuan.