Ultrasound baby weight accuracy

Is ultrasound baby weight accurate? I m 37w and Dr told me my baby is at 3.2kg, i wonder if baby weight via ultrasound is accurate coz i dont gain much weight though... And Dr also said, for normal delivery, baby should not be > 3.5kg, so i might be induced before EDD :s, else baby will be too big for normal delivery Appreciate your experience sharing!

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My baby was estimated to be 3.3kg at 35 wks and 3.8kg at 38 wks but came out 3.65kg at 39+2 wks. I was also supposed to be induced at 37 wks due to baby's size but we decided to do e-csect instead as I'm petite size. It was a gd decision indeed as on the day itself we found out tt baby's cord was ard his neck which wld hve increased chances of emergency csect if I were to try natural birth.

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Estimation! My baby is born on 37 weeks 1 day, 36+ told me is 2.7kg. I was induced , due to GD & High blood. But i also didn’t gained any weight during pregnancy hahaha. But baby come out only 2.2kg. Anyway i starting also damn worried that induce is very scary asking around and all, but don’t worry! Induce is nothing at all once you see your little one is out 😃 Jiayou mummy!

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thanks, yes i m prepared to take epidural due to my low pain tolerance.

It is fine tt u dont gain much weight cause i dont too when i was pregnant. But my girl gained cause all the nutrients went to her :) during my pregnancy i had GDM, it was kind of stressful with my food intake, thank God I managed it well, and instead of gaining, it went to my girl. whole pregnancy i only gained 8-9kg. my girl was 3.245 kg when she was born. so dont worry!

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thanks all for the sharing! a bit hard to control eating during festive season, but 3 weeks left i will try back to healthy eating n exercise more to control her weight. hope my girl will be born healthily n smoothly by natural way.

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It’s just an estimate. However, the ultrasound weight won’t be that much different from actual. The baby’s last ultrasound weight before birth and actual weight at birth were 3.25 kg and 3.23 kg, respectively.

Estimation of the weight, just take note of your intake of sugar and some unhealthy treats. Mine was weight 3.2kg at week 38 but at week 39+1 shes out and the weight is 3.41kg

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The weight is just an estimation, not always accurate. And my girl was 3.78kg at birth, I delivered her naturally

11mo ago

I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea around 32 weeks pregnant and I stayed active during my pregnancy


I was told baby is 3.5kg at 36 weeks the day before I gave birth. but baby came out 3.2kg.

mine last estimated was 2.9 kg at 39 weeks,gave birth at 3.1 kg

ultrasound shows 3.2kg. come out only 3.05kg