Baby weight at 36 weeks

I just went for check up and my baby weighs 3.2kg. The doctor said the baby is on the big side and if at 38 weeks, the baby exceeds 3.5kg, I will get induced. I am quite worried about this and really don't want to be induced or get a c section. Is there any way I can control baby's weight? Did anyone of you give birth naturally with a big baby? Anything would be helpful.🙏🙏

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There is no way you can control baby weight. your baby gets all the nutrients needed from placenta & you can’t control what the placenta absorbs from your body or what it gives to your baby. Also an actual fact, any scans for baby weight done before 40 weeks is highly inaccurate. I was induced at 40 wks cause baby was weighing at 3.9kg in scans. Dr was persistent with me getting induced. Was a long 22 hrs wait aft max induction & eventually my dr convinced me to get emergency cesarean. Cause I was only at 3cm & failed to progress further. Baby came out at 3.4kg ONLY! Recovery was horrible. Milk supply came late. Regretted getting induced. (I’m saying this for my case cause induction just did not work on my body.) Now preggy with my second Andy current gynea does not use these horrible scare tactics and will only perform such medical interventions if me/baby is in danger. If you are scared of tearing, read on the facts. There are so many research based articles to prove that only minor tearing will occur/ baby stuck in birth canal/ baby shoulder will dislocate. If you have the right gynea & birth team & you trust your body, no matter the weight, it will provide your baby with a safe birth passage.

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