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My last ultrasound scan was the growth scan and baby weight was 1.2kg. After that was told there wont be anymore ultrasound scan. Then how will i know my baby's updated weight?

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Super Mum

Can check with gynae when is the next appointment and what is the tests to be done. Maybe there will still be ultrasound

My detailed growth scan with the sonographer was at 34 weeks. I had an additional one at 36 weeks cause my baby's measurements were suddenly too low (5th percentile). Actually my gynae does quick measurements via ultrasound in the clinic room and I do get an update on her size almost every visit. Maybe you could check with your gynae? I'm seeing obgyn in a public hospital.

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I went to KKH last tome, also no scan after that.. however u can request for that

I have the same question as you actually. Did the growth scan at 28 weeks and baby was 1.24kg. But there doesnโ€™t seem to be any more scans scheduled before delivery. Did you manage to get any update on your babyโ€™s weight before delivery in the end?

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How many weeks are you?

Which week are u at now? How come no more scan? I had a scan conducted during every appt.

Super Mum

U can actually request for it. I did cus i just miss seeing her. Tho shes still inside. ๐Ÿ˜…