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i am divorced. I have a child. From now onwards how do i regard my in-law? Do i still need to call Ma/Pa?? If they invite me and my child, we will go for reunion dinner. If they dont invite, do i and my child must attend?? How much hong pao do i need to give to them and little childrens?? If i go only reunion dinner, is it ok to give hong pao to in law, oranges and goodies? Why i asking because i dont wish to attend rest of the days. I am not closed to them where my child is also scared most of the time when they come and visit my child once every 2 months?? Hong pao how much i give, as i am the only breadwinner for my child. Hoped someone can let me know. As i am not chinese but my husband yes. I dont know what to do?? Please help.

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Do you know why your child is afraid of them? As they are still tour elders, would be good just to show respect and call them accordingly. As you have said, go over if they invite you, if not, just give them a call to wish them good health and blessings for the new year. If go for reunion dinner before 5th Feb, just bring over some CNY snacks and maybe fruits for after dinner. If go on or after 5th Feb, bring oranges and ang pows for the in-laws (anything like $66, 68, 88 etc) ending in 8s are fine. Please avoid digit 4. Kids below 16 years can range from $8, 10, 12, 18, 20 etc depending on how well you know them, and more for older kids. If you want to avoid giving out during the visit, just find an excuse to leave after a while. From another view point, it's good to show your child some new customs. All the best.

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if not close can give normal amount that you are comfortable with. if they never invite you and your child is big enough then just let your child go? so he can collect his share of ang pow from the grandparents.

in my family those not close we can give $6, in case helpful as reference for u