Any mummies here fall out with whole family or parents and yet to reconcile or have already reconcile, would you be able to share hw did u reconcile? My parents have always put blame on me, side outsiders and fall out with me. They rather keep outsiders and always say "not happy u leave, don need u to be here, this is my house" This time round though not as serious matter as previous incidents but i really feel like its my last straw. I really wanna leave this family with husband and kids and not gonna come back to them anymore. As we are staying with my parents due to no place at the moment, husband told me to endure all matters until we have a house, which i agree. But i have to everyday get blamed for things. My days at home is as good as those drama political issues in the palace. For nothing gets blame, people who my parents' sided give me faces and attitudes, own siblings also the same. I really hate it. My parents are teaching my children not to listen to me, saying bad things about me, told them don need to obey what i say. Even taught my children to call me names and not teaching them to call me mummy. Since then, my children hasnt learned how to call mummy(refused to call me too) and is able to say a few words and call them(my parents). I am really angry and hurt i think. Are there any mummy able to share similar sentiments?

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Just felt like replying this because I had an argument with my parents this morning too, one of those "I don't want to live here if I could leave" situations for several months already - but mine are over matters like health concerns (my dad smokes a lot, tons of secondhand and thirdhand smoke at home), parenting methods (they do the traditional way, always trying to overwrite me because they think I'm too young, also feeding my son with bad thoughts and opinions too). They're always trying to make decisions for my son, disregarding the fact that I'm his mother. Always thinking that I don't know anything, I'm too young to know anything, I'm not thinking about things when I make decisions. Always trying to overwrite my decisions and things I already planned, rules I laid out. Always spending money on stupid unnecessary things for my son while I'm here struggling to manage our expenses. Always doing stupid things to damage their health, not taking care of themselves properly, thinking that renting the rooms out will pay for all our expenses etc. In the end, everything will become a burden to me - but every time they nag at me, I can't retailiate or talk back. They always say that it's hard to talk to me, saying that I always throw my temper - well they aren't even respecting me at all. I wanna move out so, so badly but I'm not earning enough to do so right now - and if I really do, I will break all ties with them or even remove their authorization to be picking my son up from school since they're so toxic to him physically, mentally and even for my son's health too. So tired of trying to make things work when all they do is just scold me for the things that they don't know, don't understand or don't think. I think such situations happens a lot, but the thing is - we just can't do anything much about it because of our circumstances. For me, I'm only earning $1000/month now and $370 already goes to our insurance and savings plan. I don't have the spare cash to be renting somewhere for me and my son, and it's not really something I want to do because I'm an only child so my parents are still my responsibility. I guess what helps me is just to rant to others, take some time to go out of the house (or away from them) and just clear my mind off and then come back again. I have my ways of doing things and I'm a really stubborn person even though my actions and thinking are hard for most to understand - my parents and I usually flare up into an argument, I get agitated when that happens, they blame me for being hard to talk to, we just ignore each other until we need to talk again (which is like within the next few hours). I don't have any concrete advice, but I do hope things would get better!

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I feel u! Last time when we stayed in my parents place while waiting for our flat, my mum always use this sentence 'dun happy leave la! This is my house!' And it hurts me badly. I have no say in her house becoz she always say that's her house she got the final say. And my hubby always ask me tolerate. Tolerate till we move out. My mum is very unhappy bout the money we give her as she feel that is too little. We gave her $400 every month but she said she rent my room out is more than $400. I tolerated her coz she is my mum after all. Every time we quarrel, next day I will apologise to her. Finally we moved out. I dun usually contact her anymore. But she keep calling me as she missed the kids. Actually our relationship is better after we moved out.

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But for my stubborn temper, i don apologise to mum and she will give me hardtime until she is pleased. I really didnt feel i did wrong and she has always blame it on me for whatever has happened. Usually she will criticize and say sarcastic things which since young i have already endured till nw. We stayed at mum's place with two kids, we don even hav a proper room, we make used of study room and sleep on mattresses, no privacy at all as anyone jus come in and out as they like. While my cousins whom staying with us has own rooms and beds(previously my room). 3 of them staying with us because 1) near to her workplace 2) near to his school 3) fall out with her mum and doesnt want to go back to her own home Staying at my parents house we gave my mum $1600 and sometimes help to replenish groceries as husband doesnt want her to feel shortchanged. But She still kept telling people as though we take her advantages. Thats what hubby has been telling me, endure whatever i can until our flat

I am sorry to hear about your unhappiness with your parents but they are your parents and they may not meant what they say. Just take it easy and laugh it out.