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For those stying in the rented 1 rm flat with no rooms and under confinement , do u refrain from hving visitors/guest during ur confinment period? Other than ur mum to help with confinment during the day and massage aunty. Malay confinment is 44 days. And when do u welcome guest?

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Personally, I prefer to visit a relative/friend/cousin AFTER her confinement period. Moreover when I know that privacy is very limited. Also, I prefer to come in the morning to visit rather than evening. Hope you doing good mummy. Selamat berpantang! :)

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It's up to your comfort level, especially since there's a lack of privacy in a 1-room flat. I'm sure your family/friends will understand if you request for no visitors in the first 40 days. You need adequate rest and comfort as you're also recovering.

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Usually close friends and family members will understand that you need to rest. Remember you and your baby need rest so if you prefer not to have guests just tell them nicely, tell them they can visit at a later date etc. Take care!

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Thanks much! Yes, was thinking the same thing.

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After confinement, you will need ample of rest for yourself and baby

Best to refrrain guests. I'm sure they will understand.

Hi, it is better to refrain from guests

I think best to refrain guests

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Retain guest from visiting

I will refrain guests

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Will refrain guest