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Those single parent has custody (sole) Is it a must to update everything about e child to the father? Its been 3 years plus he hasnt come and see my child. My child is turning 4 soon. He doesnt know anything about the father disapearance.

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Use to be in your situation. Since you have Sole Costody, you are not obliged to report anything to him. Only if he wish to know he can ask you. You can choose to tell him or not. Or just entertain him. Even if you need to change his surname you need not inform him too because u are in sole custody. Only things that you may loos out the maintainence fee if you change? My 1st born haven't seen his bio father for 12 years since we left him when his 1yo

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Hmm I don’t know about all these but as much as possible you may want try to go through the legal way instead just in case he’s doing something on his own without your knowledge. You know, just to play safe. We don’t wanna end up in a twisted fate. At the end of the day he is still the biological father whether or not you guys separated.

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He may be the father biologically, but that’s where it ends. If he’s never been there, he doesn’t deserve to know anything. If your child grows up and really wants to know about the father, that’s a different story. You’re only accountable to your child.

Unless the Order said so otherwise you may not have to. You may update him briefly occasionally if you want. Perhaps you may want to prepare how to tell your child where is the father. Stay strong 💪

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Not necessary. If the father shows no sign of affection towards the child then there's no need to update anything.

Nope I didn’t. I only update the father when I needed more money for medical expenses.

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Not necessary especially to the jerk who thinks he is a “father”.

Hi, I don't think it is needed to update him

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Not necessary if the father is not bothered

Not a need if he is not bother about it