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I wan to ask those single mummy who is granted sole custody, and given supervised visitation to your ex hub. My concern here is child father MIA for 3 years means never bother to come back and see the child. Do i still need to update her well being, school n medication. I m very frustrated that, why there is a need to uodate if he doesnt bother n missing.

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Don't need update anything. Be yourself. Do what your heart tells u. Don't get mess up or confuse or frustrated. Calm and think. He has no right to know every single little thing. Just a brief wan will do. Baby is healthy and good etc. Don't need so details.

If the Order stated you need to, then just do it. Don't bother whether he respond or not, you just do your part. Maybe he is incarcerated or something happened to him? Anyway, is not your concern. Take care.

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No need to update him. What kind of father is that. Doesn’t deserve to be called a “father”

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Stay strong! I think he shouldn’t be entitled to any of her updates since he went MIA.

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Dont need to update him since he is not interested in ur LO. Stay strong mummy

Don’t need to update him, stay strong and take care!