Hi all Is there any other way to increase supply besides drinking more water n latching baby? My left side (lower supply breast) I only able to pump/hand express 30ml. Feels very empty and baby like not full also. I've been latching him much more frequently on this side yet it seem to be dropping n dropping... I'm only 2mpp...

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Hi there mummies! Below are the ways i did in order to increase breast milk. - I drank lots of milo, i added VCO for additional boost - Eat well. Eat more fish. It helps. Salmon works for me. - Lactation cookies - Lots of rest. Latching and pump output are two total different things. Don't let the output affect you. Baby are a good pump. they are able to extract more milk then a high quality pump does. As you are only 2mpp, it's very common for baby to want to latch constantly. They need mummy for comfort, just hang it there and latch whenever is needed. Don't be so tensed and stress up over the milk supply. Stress WILL affect the supply.

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6y ago

tried those le but my left side is hopeless...:(

Have u tried lactation cookies, tong cao, oat etc?

6y ago

yes I did...:(