Hi mommies, I've been exclusively latching my baby for a month. My baby now is 7 weeks, latch for 10 mins each side and every 3 hours. Yesterday i am curious how much breastmilk i can produce but i am only able to express 20ml on each breast. I was able to express 60ml each breasts previously before i exclusively go on latching. Does it mean my milk supply have went down? And my baby only have 40ml each feed?

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Hi there, EBF Mom here. Does your baby stop after 10 min or do you unlatch? Best is to let baby latched on and have as much as he/she wants. You can alternate the breasts at each feeding rather than switching the side during same feed. It'll help baby empty the breast fully and get the richer hind milk (one of the best advices I received). If baby is still hungry after your breast is empty (light), you can offer other breast. Direct latching always produces more than pumping so that's not a fair comparison. If your baby seems content, gaining weight as intended and producing enough wet/dirty diapers per day, there's no need to worry as it indicates baby is getting enough food.

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aku dulu jg pernah kyk bunda.. setelah aku evaluasi sendiri ternyata ada yg salah sama manajemen laktasiku. aku sering membiarkan PD ku penuh. apa bunda jg demikian? rajin ngosongin PD gak bun?