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Hi there. Mummies who were smokers before you got pregnant, how did y'all quit smoking during pregnancy? I'm still in my early stages and I find it so hard to just quit smoking. I've gradually decreased my smoking session though (max I'd smoke in a day would be 3 sticks) but I really wanna quit smoking totally. I wouldn't want anything to affect the foetus. Also , I have a toddler turning 2 at home so I don't want to affect his health as well. Although I know that it's all in god's hand if anything were to happen to my foetus , I still feel that I play a part in keeping this pregnancy healthy. Hope to hear some advises on how you guys kept away from smoking. Thanks!!

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Im a heavy smoker and I smoke throughout my first pregnancy. I'm very very stubborn and I don't listen to anyone. Keep Google search for positive result to assure myself that even a smoker baby can be as healthy. Although luckily my baby turn out fine but is diagnosed with GDD and I keep blaming myself because of this. Although my child is not the serious kind but till now still not able to form sentences like normal 7yo. Like very limited vocab. Sometimes I will also feel that my child brain not processing well. Like cannot register knowledge into the brain. My child is quite slow sometimes comparing to others also. So my advice is that if u don't want to constantly feeling that guilt or to see ur child progress slower or worst than others do quit smoking. I heard from a friend that ur gynae will suggest u go for a counseling session for quitting smoke. I'm at my 2nd pregnancy and yes I'm still a smoker change to Vape last year but for this pregnancy I keep praying hopefully my unborn will make me nausea upon vape/cig smell. During 1st 3months like that before my 1st visit to gynae i still vape but after confirming the pregnancy during the 1st visit, i start to feel nausea each time I vape so I stop completely. Cant even stand the smell when my husband vape. so after my husband vape finish the last batch we bought he stop smoking and vaping too. On off during 2nd trimester got craving for smoking too but I didn't cave in. I know is very hard to quit smoking for at least 1 year but I hope u can see from my experience for my first born. although my child is not challenged like autistic kids and is normal too but the constant guilt in me and the slow learning and adapting in my child is really not u want for u and ur child. I can only say good luck all the best. I'm no expert of course just real life experience to share with you. Pardon for the broken English. I have to add on. Prior to my 2nd pregnancy I got a miscarriage last year August. Probably due to vaping and drinking. So if can just quit ba.

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