Quit smokinggg

How to quit smoking !! Just found out im preg but I still have the urge to smoke. And I'm controlling alot already

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Just stop giving yourself excuses to lit up cig. Cravings always make you think of excuses. I used to believe cutting down is the way but it's just an excuse. I've been a smoker for 20 years. believe me, the only way to stop is to "Stop giving yourself excuses!" Dump that cig! That habit! That temptation! That stupid stuff that burns your hard earn money! "Don't give it a chance to harm your unborn baby!" You're the mommy! Only you can make the decision to protect your little baby! some may smoke throughout their pregnancy and their baby only affected to be low weight at birth. but, don't forget! some also ended up "fatal!" you can do it mommy! hugs...

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Every time when you feel like lighting up a cigarette, just think of your baby. Your love for the baby will give you the will power to overcome your desire to take a puff. Talk to your baby and let your baby know you are not smoking because of how much you love him/her (even before you meet him/her). You are doing great so far and I am sure your love for the baby will help you deliver a healthy and happy baby💙

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It is not easy. I used to be a heavy smoker before I got pregnant. But I managed to quit in less than 2 weeks after I found myself pregnant. Cut down on the sticks, and give urself a deadline to stop totally. Stop buying ciggs. Works for me. I can do it, so can you. You will be amazed and proud of urself (: jiayou!!

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I was a heavy smoker before. I smoked my last stick once i confirmed i was pregnant at the GP. I think it is very magical the motherly instinct actually helped me to quit immediately and i didnt crave for it at all. I think its all in the mind.

I was a smoker too and quit immediately once I found out I am pregnant. My husband & my immediate family members are all smokers too but that does not stop me from quitting. I love my baby more than cigarette. 34 weeks pregnant now

Try to cut down by 1 stick every single day if you are a heavy smoker and if you are not a heavy smoker try not to smoke for a hour or more then after that try not to smoke for a day or more too

find other things to do when u feel like smoking. think of ur baby, ur health is more important then anything else. I was a smoker too before knowing I was pregnant just need to change ur mindset.

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if ur hubby smokes, best is he accompany u going through quiting smoking tgt. it helps, because whenever u see him smoke u will have urge as well. my hubby quit smoking with me when we found out I'm pregnant.

Try and buy nicotine patch from pharmacy! Maybe it works for u to quit smoking during pregnancy.