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My husband, father & oldest brother out of 3 siblings ( me included) are smoking, my hubby doesn't smoke around me much knowing i'm pregnant due wanting to keep our baby healthy but my dad & oldest brother keep smoking in the house & it's hard to avoid inhaling the smoke even though i try my best to cover my nose as a second hand smoker when my brother decides to sit in the living room & smoke because i sleep there as i have no bedroom of my own.. so is it safe for me & baby to be in this kind of environment? what can i do to avoid inhaling smoke from cigarettes?#advicepls #firstpregnancy

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Hi, I was a smoker myself but baby hated the smell of it so I quit immediately (before I even found out I was pregnant, just suddenly feeling very sick whenever I tried to smoke) and this pretty much forced everyone (bil,mil and husband) to stop smoking/vaping in the house as well. Initially my bil will still go to the kitchen and smoke but whenever I have to visit the restroom, I’ll still smell it so I got my husband to tell my bil to either go out(far away from the flat) or don’t smoke at all. Now 7.5m pp, my house is smoke free thanks to my baby 😅 And no, it is not safe regardless of pregnant or not. We won’t realize this until we are the ones that don’t smoke. I think you have to be firm and ask them if they are gonna be responsible for it should anything happen to you or baby due to the second hand smoke. (This is what my husband asked my mil cause initially she was quite stubborn, still smoking infront of me but trying to ‘blow’ the other direction which did not help at all.) Unfortunately, if your family members don’t cooperate at all, there is no way to avoid inhaling unless you don’t breathe at all lol! This is a very good time to make them quit together 💪🏻 Otherwise when they smoke, you leave the house, get your hubby to spam the air refreshner WHILE they smoke to counter them. 😅

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Its challenging cos its hard to make a smoker stop and understand ur pov, especially now with rules not able to smoke at corridor, void deck etc. It is even harder that u do not have ur own room to hide when they smoke. My husband and my dad smokes too. I am at my Week 31 preg but fortunately for me, I have my own room to hide. Still, these are what i do to make the environment better for me n baby when they smoke. 1. Ask them to blast the standing fan when they smoke to "pull" the smell n smoke away from my direction. 2. Got my husband to buy a good air purifier to purify the air. 3. I put on mask when they smoke and for minutes after they finish smoking on days or time when my sensation is more sensitive. Eventually, when baby is born, I will still need to find a way to make the home environment a smoke-free place for my baby. Take care n best wishes!

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I was a smoker myself, but I quit after I was pregnant with my first child. My husband, my dad n my fil smoke as well, I will told them off nicely, for ur grandchild health pls do not smoke in the house if want smoke pls go out of the house. If they don’t, then u go downstairs for a walk then go home.

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no it is not good for your fetus. 2nd hand and even 3rd hand smoke are harmful. Talk to your family for their understanding, or stay in your room with a good air purifier. if not, consider moving back to your parents’ place for the time being?

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you have no choice. either u force them to stop, go smoke outside the hse or find another place to stay..anw try to influence everybody to make a lifestyle change esp ur husb also..smoking is bad!