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Hi there. Mummies who were smokers before you got pregnant, how did y'all quit smoking during pregnancy? I'm still in my early stages and I find it so hard to just quit smoking. I've gradually decreased my smoking session though (max I'd smoke in a day would be 3 sticks) but I really wanna quit smoking totally. I wouldn't want anything to affect the foetus. Also , I have a toddler turning 2 at home so I don't want to affect his health as well. Although I know that it's all in god's hand if anything were to happen to my foetus , I still feel that I play a part in keeping this pregnancy healthy. Hope to hear some advises on how you guys kept away from smoking. Thanks!!

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it took me 2mths to quit. I was a heavy smoker for the past 10 over years. I gradually decrease from 20sticks to 5 den 3 sticks per day. maintain the 3 sticks for a few days and went cold turkey. lots of temptation but it will past after 1 week or 2. keep yrself occupied n mind busy. you can do it:)

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