Any first time mummies at 1st tri who smokes? How did u quit? It seem so hard for me 🤦‍♀️

Smoking during 1st tri

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I've been smoking for 14 years before I knew I was pregnant. It really wasn't easy but during my 1st trimester I was too sick to even think about smoking. thereafter I start to dislike the smell of cigarette because it feels like it is harmful to my baby. I want my baby to be healthy and this is my determination put to that. so first you need to have a strong mind to always remind yourself that cigarette, smoking are very harmful to your unborn child. Health is very important. then start to keep your mouth kind of busy, I started eating some candies or whatever I can eat. then I also think through at what kind of moment I would want to smoke, usually is when I got nothing to do, or need a breather to clear my mind and etc. so I will find a game to keep mind somewhere with constant reminder that I want to give my best to my baby. and oh, I didnt just smoke heavily, I drank heavily too. hahaha but the day I knew I was pregnant, I stopped right away, completely without going back and never will.

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smoke for 12 yrs but once test positive i went cold turkey, had some withdrawal symptoms like leaky nose and very irritated but was gone in a a week or 2. i took like pen/pencil etc. to act like im smoking/inhale initially when i cant take the urge as well. be very strong mentally just be reminded of how it will hurt your unborn child.

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Cold turkey is the only option. The moment I tested positive with the pregnancy kit I stopped smoking right away and substituted smoking with another habit. Gradually you’ll stop thinking about it. I’ve been clean for the last 30 weeks and honestly have no intention of going back to it.

Get rid of your cigarettes, ashtrays, and lighters. Clean your house and clothes to get rid of the smoke smell. If you have a partner who smokes, encourage him to stop and quit together. Change your routine also, take a walk after dinner instead of smoking..

Cut down slowly first and drag the duration in between. All the best!!

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should not be smoking at all !