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We are back with another 'Ask the Expert' Session, held on our theAsianparent app! ??‍⚕️ . Our expert for this week is Lyonel Ng, TCM Physician specialising in Pain Management (Acupuncture & Tuina), Traumatology, Spine-related Diseases, Myofascial Rehabilitation, Joint Manipulation and Internal Disorder. . Don't forget to leave your questions in the comment section, to have your burning questions answered about TCM! . Topic: TCM for Mums and Babies Date: Friday, 17 January 2020 Time: 8.30pm to 9.30pm

Ask the Expert Series
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My baby keeps coughing and was strike with bronchitis twice. How can we improve baby's situation?

2y ago

Based on initial assessment, it would appear that your baby may have some deficiency in the Lung Qi. Therefore, it is important for treatment to be focused on prevention. Continuous coughing and repeated bronchitis will further hurt Lung Qi which should be avoided. So if possible, do consider bringing your baby to seek treatment even when the coughing is not serious. Possible treatment can include paediatric tuina and moxibustion. Do discuss with your TCM physician regarding the details. Other than treatment, on a day-to-day basis, do make sure that the back of your baby is properly covered, as there are important meridian point on the back. Also, do make sure that wind (from fan or air-con) is not blowing directly at your baby. Most importantly, do not overdress your baby, make sure he/she is not sweating too much from wearing too much.