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Baby Keeps Crying Nonstop Outdoors
My LO keeps crying when outdoors. Also around after sunset around 7pm if we haven't go home, he also cry n scream. Any gd way to sooth him?
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That's quite common, my baby also will make a big fuss if we're still outside at night time. Try to limit outdoor time at night since they need to have a familiar environment to sleep peacefully. They
Baby wear him.
Babywear him?
My 3mth bby too started crying out loud recently. Just had to calm him n nurse him and put him to sleep.
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Babywear him?
Hairloss Due To Pregnancy
My wife has is having hair loss since she gave birth. Any good way to recoup back what's loss? Like eating tonics etc? But she is breastfeeding so not so sure what's gd for her
Is Baby-Led Weaning Safe?
Anyone try before?
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I haven’t tried but I saw my nephew (who stays with me) done it. It’s pretty scary, and his parents had to learn baby cpr just in case. You need to know how to differentiate between gagging and choki
5 Mths Old Coughing
My LO keeps coughing badly. Recently just had a bronchitis infection and just recovered. But sometimes he still cough n vomit out his milk intake. PD asked to give vitamins to strengthen his lungs but
When To Start Solid Food?
My LO is 5 mths plus, not sure when is a gd time to start solid food for him.?
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My girl started on solids at exactly 5 mos, with our pd’s green light. The criteria to start was that my girl should be able to support her own head.
You can start feeding your lo rice cereal if he/she has strong neck and head control, able to sit up and shows interest & look at you when you have your meals. One hint that i've got from my lo one is
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I started once LO turned 6 mths. Started with baby rice cereal...
Wait until at least 6 months to introduce mashed food or rice cereal for ur LO.
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You can start now if your LO has good head and neck support, show interest in your food and opens mouth when you offer food. If not you can just wait till 6 months then feed him.
4 Mth Old Coughing Badly
Today my LO coughing quite badly last night, we went to see his PD and end up PD ask us to rent nebulizer to clear his airway as he has a viral infection. As we were home, we start to use the nebulise
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May consider go yuguo (kids tcm)
Is Teether Neccsssry?
My 5mths Lo keep putting his fingers into his mouth. Is using teether useful? I bought a teether banana but don't seem useful
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my 4 mons also like that, but not only finger, she will grab her pillow, blanket, shirt, whatever thing that within her reach, to put in her mouth, I wonder when this behavior will stop, try pigeon te
Itchy Head
My son keeps scratching behind his head. As his nails are quite sharp sometime it causes the skin to peel. Anyway to prevent?
Cut his nails often nice and short and make sure they aren't sharp. Does he have eczema on his scalp? Possibly worth checking to find out.
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My girl too. Nothing much I can do though. Only can put aloe Vera on the scratches
Get him to wear mittens.
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My son too, he have eczema since young and still scratches. How old is your son?
Affordable Carpet Cleaning
Dear parents any affordable Carpet and curtains service? Want to clean up for my house :)
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4 Mth LO Screaming During His Sleep
Eversince we put him in child care about 1 week ago, he start to seems frightened during his sleep. Also sometimes he seems to have nightmare n scream out of now where upon his sleeping when he is bac
bad dreams are when baby is scared m not trying to scare you but a friend of mine her baby was hit by her maid during day time while she go n work they found our after putting cctv its really sad
He still not adapted to the environment. Kindly ask the teachers how is your LO sleeping or performance in school