How are you talking to your kids about race?

Do you talk to your kids about race and racism?

How are you talking to your kids about race?
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I always tell my Son God created all men equal regardless of Color and all People is loved equally. One Color is not better or more superior than the other so he must love and respect all equally

Will do it before my child goes to school. Best way to do it is to talk about contributions of people of colour in a way they will appreciate.

Kids childcare is multi racial, and there are no differentiation and we as parents behave that way too

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Yes definitely! And you should start talking to them about it once they attend preschool

Yes of course but in a gentle way first. It’s a complicated concept.

Yes we talk about race at home. We talk about nationality too.

Yes will do it as soon as my baby is going to school

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Definitely will do

Be open about it

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I will