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Any suggestions type of Birthday Theme for 3 year old?? Just informed by the school that door gifts has to be stationary items?? Her classmates there are more boys then girl. Will be good if can get unisex theme n gift Really need some suggestions please. Thanks in advance.

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Don't really need a "theme" if you don't want to, especially if it's a school celebration - just a simple cake will do! If you really want characters/cartoon, have it on the cake but a cake below 1kg is more than enough because the kids don't eat a lot anyways. Things like themes are more for adults because kids don't really bother about these things, they just know it's a happy occasion to celebrate because there's gonna be birthday song and cake for snack time. As for goodie bags/gifts, you don't have to do it if you don't want to - if every parent gets stationery, you'd end up with 20+ sets of stationery or colouring sets by end of the year. If you want some other gifts, consider experience gifts instead - a good gift could be a Zoomoov ride, just give one card to each classmate and they can play with their parents. Zoomoov has a promotion now at $38 for 14 passes so it's about $2.70/pass :)

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I think gender neutral ones can be like Safari. You can even make it educational and the stationaries and other party needs with the same theme is easy to find.

how about sesame street? thats unisex and a common character for all children

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Mickey and friends?? Or Winnie the Pooh? Or Sesame Street.

Peppa pig is a popular theme for birthday parties these days.

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Did not think about that. Sorry


choose from the cartoons your daughter likes 🙂

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Paw patrol, tayo bus - can be for unisex ☺️

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If stationary, then maybe crayons

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We did Mickey Mouse theme