Nail Polish

Do you still paint your nails at third trimester? Been tempted to have pretty nails for fun haha but I heard the chemicals would get absorbed into the body, thus might affect the baby. Tried googling the ingredients etc but the scientific terms were too chim for me to understand.

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Super Mum

I don't think it's possible for the nail polish to get absorbed in the body... You might breathe in the fume of the polish and the remover though, so I guess wear a mask if you're worried?

2y ago

Ohh yes maybe! Thanks mummy!


Yes I did! I did gelish and only stop when I'm 34 weeks hehe all I did was use a pillow and shift the uv light away from my tummy.

2y ago

Yes I did normal mail after 34 weeks only stop when I know 2 days later I'm going to deliver hahahaha

Yes I always got gelish nails and only stopped when it’s nearing my due date

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I did gel manicure during my 3rd trimester too

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I do but I nevr paint my right hand nails