My babysitter loves her nails painted, will the nail polish affect my 5 months baby? Thank you.

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Hello! It should be alright if they're painted (preferably have a top coat of nail enamel on so it's not as easy for the nail paint to chip off) As long as the babysitter's nails aren't long/pointed/sharp, there are minimal risks given she would be feeding the baby mainly with baby friendly cutlery.

It should be fine as long as the nail polish has been dry for a number of hours. But just to be safe, ensure the babysitter avoids putting fingers in baby's mouth

Nope. Just ensure her nails are not too long or sharp. Its fine to have painted nails as long as they are well cared for.

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No its wont affect her unless your baby is sucking her fingers (which she should not be doing it)

5y ago

It's ok. Don't worry. I also have my nails painted and i wear makeup too

No it will not.