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Hi, how do you manage to cut your baby’s nails? I tried to cut but baby always moving and scare might cut until the flesh...

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Followed a cousin's advice and started biting her nails off - works great! At two months, baby's nails are still paper thin and come off easily. Doesn't hurt her fingers and baby isn't scared like she is of the nail clipper.

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I only dare to use a baby nail trimmer. Can do it anytime and don't have to worry about injuring the baby. Once she is around 5months, my husband will cut her nails while I distract her.

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Used to cut when he is drinking milk. For now, when he is sleeping.

I buy the nail trimmer from mothercare. And I do it after shower.

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U can get cutter especially for babies just check it out

My husband holds the baby while I trim his nails.

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I use the scissor for new born to cut, so much easier

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Easier to cut nails after shower baby

Ask your husband to hold the baby!

Cut when they’re in deep sleep.