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Starting from how many months can I let my baby to eat porridge to replace milk for a meal? My baby is now turning to 8 months next week. Her feeding schedule as following: 8am - milk 240 10am - egg, fruits 12pm - milk 200 2pm - porridge 100-150 4pm - milk 200 6pm - porridge 100-150 8pm - milk 240 and sleep until next day morning Is that too much eating times? Is it time to reduce one meal of the milk and replace by the porridge?

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Hi there, the best age to introduce solid to your baby is at 4 months onwards. From your feeding schedule, it seems alittle too much. For me, I do not have a particulate timing but will estimate and divide the feeding timing into 4 parts. breakfast (Milk/Cereal), lunch (Porridge), dinner (Porridge) and before sleep (Milk).

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I think the schedule looks good for a 8 months old baby.. It’s a blessing if LO able to eat and drink well. If only your LO doesn’t eat well, then only you may consider to cut down her milk intake, otherwise just let LO drink since she has no issue eating her porridge...

I envy you. My Daughter is 9 months old and she is waking up every hour. I’m dying :(

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Milk is still the best for babies at this age. Ur schedule looks good.

Hi, The good age for feeding solids to baby is 4 months to 6 months

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Hi... you can introduce solids to your child from 4 to 6 months

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Personally I feel babies still need milk at this age