1 year old schedule

What is 1 year old daily schedule like? How much milk? LO infant care teaches say his timing is too tight,sometime he don’t he much for lunch. Mine is like 745am milk, 9am 5scoop oat wit 30m milk, 1145 porridge, 2pm milk., 5pm milk, 630 dinner, 8 pm milk each feeding at 180ml dinner milk at 200

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1 yo can stretch 3-4 hourly. 7am /7.30am milk 10am porridge 1pm milk 2pm small snacks (fruits/biscuits ) 4pm milk (amount lesser) 6.30pm - 7pm dinner + fruits 9.30pm- 10pm milk I feel abit too close, 745am milk & 9am oat w milk. That’s why lunch intake lesser. Also 5pm milk & 6.30pm dinner. What time lo awake? Do u need to feed at 5-6am? You may check the amount of food lo takes in IFC then adjust amount milk n solid u give . Every child is diff, consistently try n adjust to lo’s feeding.

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Okay thanks

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Actually he can cut down to 3 milk feeds and 3 meals already:) This gives him opportunity to eat more each meal too, and he’ll have more time to play and learn. You can take away one of the afternoon milk feeds and shift lunch to a bit later:)

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If she’s eating too little for lunch, you may consider: changing the 7.45am feed to 8-8.15am, and giving that feed with oats, then taking away the 9am feed so he can eat more for lunch. If he struggles with dinner, then you can change the 2pm and 5pm feed to a single feed at 3pm