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My Son is 1 year 2 months old. He sometimes don't want to eat rice, until we force him to eat. But he will keep inside his mouth for a long time (15 minutes) . Not that he don't have teeth, he has almost all the teeth. But still few spoon only he ate. Any suggestions ?

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old don't force your son to eat as it will create pressure for him. maybe u can let ur som to play w the food so that he get comfortable with the food. do messy eating. it is tiring to tidy up everything but it will help alot in feeding.

Yes u can make a noodle or bihun. You can join this fb group : Happy Baby foods Malaysia. There have a lot resepi for 1 years kids.

same with me.. haha btw.. he dont want eat mybe because he always eat same food. try make are different.. choose food different color like vegetable.

Maybe u can change somthg to replace rice. Smthg like potato or mee

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is that can we give potatoes daily ?

boleh jadi sebab gusi dia rasa tak comfort, gigi nak kluar

try something else like meehoon noodle or pasta

Same with ma daughter


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same ..