Sometimes, I feel very hopeless. My husband & me r getting more & more distant. Ever since we have our son, his focus is forever about son & himself only. I'm feeling more like an outsider. Whenever son cries, he will first to blame me. After son is born, we only have 1 time sex. And that's becos he doesn't want to anymore. Whenever he has the time, it will be playing games on laptop. I've stopped talking to my mil as we have too many conflicts handling my son since born. And definitely affect my marriage life. I've getting very hopeless in this marriage & family. If husband has no heart & effort to salvage the relationship, it can't only be me one-sided right? I've seriously think of divorce several times but hang on due to dear son. But it's getting v difficult to hang on. Have u ever regretted marrying? I'm really envious of others whose husband who focus on them before children.

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I feel you, sometimes I got those feeling too!! I cried and even talked things out but he said i think too much! I finally understand that no point talking because they will never listen and understand. My hubby doesn't even care more for my son and me, all his focus is on the phone!! I ever think of regret marrying him but what to do? I HAVE A SON!!

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If things are falling out of place and is difficult to handle, have you thought of having a heart to heart talk with your hub. Becos as time goes by, everyone is trying to fit in their role and the direction will drift, therefore a discussion might help bring things together.

Same feeling as you ~ but me is I don't wish to have sex anymore with him and he don't bother as well as he focus more on his phone to play game even when I ask him to help out to look after baby he will also play his game while holding to baby which I don't like.

I feel so sorry for you :( Try going out with him (just him) and have a heart to heart talk. Ask him what's the cause for the distance. Before coming to a big decision, please think it through. It's gonna be tough on your son. Take care Mummy!

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Communication plays a big part really. Dont assume, do try to get the facts and iron things out. Have a heart to heart talk and find out what went wrong. It could be a misunderstanding leading to your current situation.

Understand!! Got those feeling too!! bt i talk to myself feel it released the pain and forget bout it! for me no point talking because they will never listen and understand. s

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Hey mum, sorry to hear about that. How old is your Son now? Have you tried to talk to hubby about how you feel? When was the last time you both went out for date night?

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I hope finding the right time to talk would be my first strategy. But also think about everything from his point of you before you express your feelings.

communication is key. talk to him about all that you express her minus the divorce part.

yup! Have a talk with him. if it doesn't turn out well, get a counselor.