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i desperately need answers , my family is infected with covid 19 & only me, my son & husband is stil negative but today my son (10 Months old) is having a very high fever and i think it’s the virus attacking his immune (each of my family member has a fever before getting a positive results) , i’m very worried like what do i have to do? if my baby really positive, what will happen to him? will he be placed at hospital? if yes, can i accompany him even if i’m positive with no symptoms? please help me

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My 6mth old ger was positive(when kena covid 5m ) and i brought her to gp. Did art n pcr and then moh called the next day or so. They arranged transport to bring my hubby n ger to kkh to assess for home recovery. I tink its better for a positive person to accompany a positive patient.

if he's positive n cannot recover at home, he will be placed in hospital n u can most definitely accompany him considering the fact that he's so young