Wonder if any of the mothers had the same experience as me? I left my job to take care of my son full time since he was born 9 mths ago. I am more than willing despite being a pretty demanding role as a mother. Lack of slp... cranky child...making lots of noises or even crying etc etc..feeling helpless,not knowing what the LO want. Not forgetting when our patience r put to test almost every single day. It's fine. We as mother will b btr as days goes as we learn...and gain more experience in handling them but...I got a problem here that breaks my heart and I wonder everyday if it's abt me. I thought by right when u r the one taking care spending all the time wit him...u shd b his closest right? I mean...he would look for u..stick to u..knowing u r his MOTHER. No,my son didn't behave so. I'm currently staying at mum's pl and he always look for my mum (grandma) more than me. He is always excited when she comes hm. She can calm him down cos he listen to her rather than me. In short,she's like his mother more than me. I'm not jealous but over the time..I do feel hurt tht I'm not the one that's able to settle him down when I'm the mum.Been telling my husband our son dun seem to like me.Feel so useless...:( Anyone had the same experience?

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When i was young, i was closer to my grandma too even when my mom was looking after me 24/7. Grandparents tend to give in to our LO their every demand. It is natural. My daughter is the same. I felt hurt too. But know that they dun mean anything. Kids just tend to take us mothers forgranted. Hahaha. They know it that we r going to be around no matter what. But they love us all the same. Dun take it personally.

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Firstly, your son loves you. Sometimes it could be because of the stress you are facing. They feel it too. Maybe you should try to relief your stress and come back. My son also does the same. Sometimes he wants me and at other times not.

Try to spend more quality time with him. Babies don't know and understand the sacrifices we made give him sometime. Don't worry too much about it. He will come back to you again and by then you maybe screaming for help.