Where did you meet your hubby?

Sino mga college sweethearts dyan? Or nag-meet ba kayo sa work? Dating apps? Social media?

Where did you meet your hubby?
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I met my partner sa FB dating. I just came from a disastrous relationship. Tapos ayorn, I just wanted someone to listen to all my dramas in life pero iba pala talaga sa dating apps, most of them are just there for fun, I was about to give it up when he chatted. He listens. That's why I decided to befriend him. Tapos after a few weeks he said that he likes me. Natawa lang ako kasi imagine via video chat lang kami naguusap and I find it weird to like someone over social media although I'm starting to like him too. Tapos we decided to meet up. I planned it. It was a one night stand that changed my life. After a few weeks hello baby na ko. 🀣 We decided to live together and now he's the sweetest guy that I ever met. I love him. Ayorn I can say na may forever sa dating apps and sites πŸ˜…

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