Baby refused to sleep at night

Since returning home from hospital, our baby has been cranky at night, doesn't want to sleep despite seeing him yawning. First few nights, whenever we put him down into the cot, he will sleep awhile and cry non-stop. We had fed, checked his diapers and all clear. Some days he would prefer to sleep with the lights on or being carried. He sleeps most of the time in the day. I am tempted to wake him in the day frequently so that he will be tired at night. Is this the right method? And is the above all normal for newborn?

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If baby sleeps for >4hrs during the day, wake him up. Feed him well before bedtime too, so the night sleep can last longer. If all the basic needs have been met, then it might be insecurity that makes him cry when he wakes up in the middle of the night and want you to carry him. At a young age, a good swaddle helps a lot with helping baby feel secure!:) My baby didn’t sleep long both during the day and night initially, so it was really tiring. We started getting a routine going, and I also went for baby care training for putting baby to bed. Now at 2 months, we’re doing a lot of sleep training to keep to a routine and get baby to sleep without being carried. That has made a huge difference in her sleep quality, and my sanity. Heh. Oh, I know it’s tempting to keep the lights on, but babies need to learn the difference between day and night by about 2 months, so you need to turn off the lights to help baby know it’s night time, and that sleep must be longer than naps. Hang in there!

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PD told me that babies want us to carry them because they feel warm. Heat expelled through their back while we carrying them. Maybe you can try lower the room temp. Swaddling or sleeping in cradle swing (without swinging for newborn) can also reduce frequency of waking up. My LO is colicky so sometimes he will wake up crying and need us to burp him or give him a good massage. Cheer..

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During newborn's first month+, there's "no day no night". During the day time, just let him expose to light and noise. After 1 month or so, he will start to sleep longer at night.

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Try to have a nightlight so that there different setting like day and night for baby to know time to sleep at night