Baby refuse to sleep at night

My LO is about 2 weeks old. He sleeps soundly in the day in his cot, no loud sounds can wake him in the day. However, when it comes to night between 2am - 6am, he becomes very alert. Sometimes he will fall asleep when carried, but the moment he is put in the cot, he starts screaming and no matter what I have tried, he doesn’t want to sleep. I tried swaddling him, turning on the lights, singing to him, giving him pacifier… #FTM #advicepls

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hi mummy! congratulations to the birth of your lo! can be very stressful but lo is still adapting to our day and night. it will get better over time but you can try by differentiating day and night, introduce a night routine. for my lo I differentiate by day with no swaddle and only swaddle at night. dark and no lights at night while sleep in the day with no complete darkness

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