How to deal with 4 month old sleep regression? Before this sleep regression set in, Bedtime is 8pm and I'll dream feed at 9.30pm. He will wake up again for feed at about 2am and around 6am. He used to be able to fall asleep in his cot by himself (with a night light in the room) or at most, with the use of a pacifier. Ever since about 1 week ago, he'll wake up shortly after putting him to sleep at bedtime and wake up many times throughout the night. Latching him to sleep, co-sleep, sleep nursing, pacifier, turning off the night light all doesn't work. I even tank him up with expressed bm, doesn't work too.

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While sleep regression can be frustrating for the parent, it's also a reason to rejoice because it means your baby has reached another developmental milestone. Your baby is now cycling between deep and light sleep, much like an adult does. Since you've done all you could to help your baby sleep longer and wake up less at night, though none has worked, I would suggest to just keep doing what you do. Just put baby to sleep the way you did when he was still a newborn. He's simply adjusting - but knowing that the bedtime routine stays consistent, that is the routine he'll follow for years to come. So better to just stick to what you do, even though they're not working right now, so that when the time comes and your baby adjusts his sleep pattern again, it's really just the timing that's the issue but not the actual routine of falling asleep.

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Clara, from what you mentioned, there are a lot of inconsistencies from your part. Your child will be confused. You need to stick to a method and get on with it from start to finish. Using a pacifier unfortunately is still considered a sleep prop. He would need it to connect to the next sleep cycle and if he doesn't have it anymore he will cry and ask for the pacifier. Best thing is to teach your child the art of self settling and 4 months is a good age to start.

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Hi!! Hope you won't mind if I borrow this response to a question regarding the use of pacifier. My baby has just turned 2 months. He used to fall asleep right after a bottle. But these days, he needs to be soothed. There are times where I will carry him and walk around the house, gentle rocking and shhh.. him. He is still refusing to fall asleep, but he clearly wants to sleep from his sleepy eyes and yawns. He gets cranky if we try to do activities with him or left him by himself. I will give him a pacifier to help him fall asleep. Would pacifier be ok for this period or is there a better way of managing this? Thanks.

You will have to let me start self soothing. Pacifier I feel you can start withdrawing. I used a small soft toy that my LO would cuddle up and sleep and used that to help set a schedule. Every child will have different attachments. Try setting up another time table and see if it works.

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