Baby refuse to sleep at night

My LO is about 2 weeks old. He sleeps soundly in the day in his cot, no loud sounds can wake him in the day. However, when it comes to night between 2am - 6am, he becomes very alert. Sometimes he will fall asleep when carried, but the moment he is put in the cot, he starts screaming and no matter what I have tried, he doesn’t want to sleep. I tried swaddling him, turning on the lights, singing to him, giving him pacifier… #FTM #advicepls

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it’s colic. sorry that it’s a very difficult phase and you have to soothe him throughout the night. have you tried latching, or using white noise, or using black out curtains?

1y ago

I have tried white noise and black out curtains, but it won’t calm him down… latching is almost impossible as he turns n kicks when being held… is there anything I can do if he has colic?