My 5 weeks old baby does not want to take afternoon nap

Since she reaches week 4 , I have a difficult time making her take her afternoon nap. Normally I will nurse her till she close her eyes and stop sucking them I will put her down. But she always sleeps for 15 mins then she will open her eyes or cry’s. Then I have to start all over again. This leads to her over drinking and vomiting. I tried rocking and patting her. She won’t close her eyes as well. She won’t take the pacifier. And if I let her be she will cry because she will be too tired. I close the windows and use white noise but this still doesn’t help. Is there any other way around this?

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How does she sleep at night? Do you close your curtains during the day and make the room dark? At this age, the baby is starting to understand the day-night rhythm. So during the day, do not make the room dark. Try taking her out a bit during the day. This helps them nap better. Hope it helps.

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5y ago

Thanks for your advice. She sleep well at night. And only wake up every 2 and a half hours to 3 to nurse and she will continue to sleep. At night is complete darkness, I have doing this since I bring her house from the hospital. Just that nap time is a struggle for both of us.