Need help! My 13 wk baby has not been sleeping at night around 3-4 am. Every night for the past one week she will wake up, big eyes after her feeding. She is sleepy yawning but refuse to sleep for at least an hour. I tried to rock her, and carry her to sleep but she will cry. If I put her back in her cot she will cry too...

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Hi , actually you dont have to worry coz our baby are still new to the world , they've been living in the water for past 9mths.. my baby was like that too , they are active during the night plus also trying to adjust their sleeping time.. Btw does she sleep throughout the day ? If yes then try to distract her from sleeping during the day so she will feel tired at night

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7y ago

No, she takes little nap during the day like 2 times each time about 1-2 hours only

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My 3week baby too! And is at the time blocking everynight from 11pm-3am, there's nothing else I can do except to keep cuddling and comfort her despite her crying and crying

Hi dear your baby is so new to the world. Only 13 weeks old. Give your baby sometime to grow and explore. Babies sleep timing will eventually adjust on its own.

It's very normal. The only thing you can do now is to be patient. Babies routine will keep changing. Its just a stage. Hang on mummy

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It is most likely a leap. If not, any changes to the routine or is the room hot?

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It's normal so don't worry too much. It does get better as they grow up(: