Hi all, I want to ask if is normal for 3 years old child not to nap at all. Usually she will have 12.5hours of sleep per day(nap 2hours) but recently,she didnt and i get very pissed off and will scold her till she cried? I can see she is trying to close her eyes but she cant seems to nap so now recently instead of 12.5hours she only have 10.5hours sleep per day which i think not enuff for her age.

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It could be a phase of her trying to cut down nap time. I still do make my 5yo to take a nap. Naps are beneficial for them. Be it a 30mins nap. It's still good for them

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yes it's possible. Some toddlers cut off nap at a younger age. Dont force her if she doesnt want. If she skip the afternoon nap time, get her to sleep earlier tonight.

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